About Us / Our History

Peter has had a lifelong interest in motorsport which started with his late brother John who raced motorbikes through the 1960’s. 

After an engineering apprenticeship Peter worked for Mini tuning specialists Downton Engineering, but really wanted to be involved in racing so moved to Lotus Components in Norfolk, UK after Lotus had relocated from Cheshunt in London. His time was spent building Lotus customer race cars.

Enjoy our archive of past photos of racing cars from the last 5 decades to present. Select a photo to reveal its detail.

After Lotus components Peter went to work for John Aley Racing in Cambridge and then Lord Angus Clydesdale who raced a Chevron B8 in sportscar races all over Europe. This was followed by a short period working for Bill Shaw Racing preparing a pair of Rover P6 Saloon cars and a Chevy Camaro in the British Saloon Car Championship.

In 1971 Peter worked for Ralph Firman (later started Van Dieman Racing) who was running four 1.6 litre Formula 3 cars (1 x Lotus 59/69 and 3 x Brabham BT28s) for Rikki Von Opel, US driver Sandy Sheppard and two Brazilian drivers in UK and European F3 races.

Midway through 1972 Peter moved to GRD and looked after Formula 3 cars for Neil Ginn and Portuguese driver Jorge Pinhol.

In 1973 Peter worked in France running a Formula 3 March for French driver Pierre Francois Rousselot and at the end of this year Peter Denty Racing was started.

1974 was spent running Formula 3 cars for Antiguan driver Mike Tyrrell and UK drivers Doug Bassett and Dyfed Roberts. During this period Peter restored a Cooper T43 and Cooper Bristol and slowly the business moved away from contemporary race cars to historic race cars as they gained in popularity around the world during the late 70s and early 80s.

Peter’s son James started racing in Formula Ford in 1987 and joined the business in 1988 after finishing college. He has been lucky enough to race and test a huge variety (over 120 different type/models) of race cars and continues to test them and still races occasionally when time allows.